I am Catalina of El Cerrito, California. I grew up a city girl but always fantasized being a country girl. I learned to ride horses and taking care of them during college years and worked on the campus farm at UC Davis. However, I got swept into the whole dotcom craze and moved to the Silicon Valley shortly after graduating from UC Davis. Four years ago I moved back to my hometown, El Cerrito, and started growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs in my own yard. I have returned to school to learn permaculture and hope to quit my cubicle job and keep bees in the near future. One can dream, right?

Urban farming is becoming a movement in the Bay Area. It’s so exciting! I hope to inspire you to start cooking, growing, thinking about the future of food, and eating well.

In January, 2011, I quit my full time job and spent a year as a full-time multimedia arts student. I also did some traveling in Scandinavia. The year flew by as I was having fun doing what I wanted to do.

April, 2012 - Update: Last month I accepted a full time job offer to work for a charter school. The academic schedule will provide me with flexible summer hours and long quarter breaks to do other things that are important in my life.

November, 2013: I was wrong about having long breaks and flexible hours while working for a charter school. The reality is that there is never really time off while working for a school. The schedule is hectic and the hours are long. The garden has long been neglected, and my serene life style has been compromised. I have not cooked anything for the past year since I took on the job. I need to figure out a way to work less.

September, 2015: I left the charter school and started a new job with a Montessori school. The hours are still long, so eventually I will have to move on to something else.

April, 2016: I retired from school administration after 4 years and started working from home for a non-profit education management company. At the same time, I run a dog care business from home offering boarding, daycare, walking, and drop-in visit. Now I get to re-establish an edible garden.

January, 2017: I applied to the City of El Cerrito back in August last year. After taking an exam with fifty other applicants and 2 interviews, I was hired and started my new job this month.  It's four blocks from home, so I get to walk to work everyday. It's a dream come true to work for my city and walk to work.