Friday, November 29, 2019

Snowy Thanksgiving Road Trip

Gold Run Rest Area

We have been planning on taking a road trip during Thanksgiving holiday. All of a sudden we got the first rain of the season with more rain to come. After monitoring the weather forecast closely for several days, we decided to head up north instead of south.  The forecast indicated a dry Thanksgiving and Black Friday before the rain resumes.  There is also snow up in Tahoe area.  Since the pups have never seen snow, we decided to drive north and see how far we could go before snow chains are required.

We made a few bathroom stops at Davis, Sacramento, and Auburn.  Shortly after we passed Auburn, snow appeared on both sides of the freeway.  We pulled into Gold Run Rest Area so the pups could experience snow for the first time.  I made sure they didn't stay in the snow too long so they wouldn't freeze their little paws. Cracus seemed to enjoy it more than Sace.  

Historical Downtown Truckee

We spent the night in Truckee because it got dark fast and the snow started coming down rapidly. It was hard to see.  The next morning, the Subaru was covered in snow. I had never driven in so much snow before, so I felt a little unsure. However, it turned out to be quite smooth with the Subaru Forester. We made a stop in Downtown Truckee for some photos before heading over to Donner Memorial State Park.  The snow started coming down again as we were heading to the park.  The park was deserted and the visitor center and camp ground were all closed and covered in snow.  I got out of the car and took a 360 degree video. I have been here before many years ago during the summer.  Now seeing this weather, it gave me some perspective of the weather condition the Donner Party was experiencing.  As I drove further up Donner Pass, I came to an intersection where only cars with snow chains or 4WD/AWD cars with snow tires were allowed to pass.  Initially I thought everyone needed to have snow chains. The Caltran worker looked at my Forester and said it was fine for me to take the scenic route.  I reached the Donner Summit without any problem although I had to go slow due to poor visibility. There were very few cars and everyone was going slow. I saw a Corvette got stuck in the snow and a Jeep driver was trying to help it unstuck. I got a set of all terrain tires for the Subaru in September.  I was able to drive over the snow and icy roads as normal. I was quite amazed.

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