Monday, March 9, 2015

Mourning Dove Nest Outside of My Window

Lately it seemed like many birds have been hiding in the plants along the walkway to my backyard gate. Every time I am sweeping or pulling weeds or doing whatever near the gate, some bird would flop its wings and startle me. Today I was trimming the overgrown vegetation, my next door neighbor called out my name. She wanted to let me know that some mourning doves are nesting right in the bushes. Now it all makes sense!  As we were talking, surely enough, some bird flopped its wings and startled both of us. She told me the nest is at the same level as my window. I was excited. I could observe birth of some baby birds right through my window.  After the conversation, I got on my back porch looking for the nest. Suddenly I saw an eye staring back at me. Somehow it looked like a fake bird because it wasn't moving at all, so I got closer. Suddenly, it flew away making a lot of noise as it took off. I guess it was real.  I was able to see the eggs the bird was sitting on.

I waited for a while, but the bird didn't come back. I was a little worried. I went get dinner and went back to look at the nest through my window this time. Ah, the bird came back and was sitting on the eggs again. I almost feel bad for the bird because Cracus barks a lot sometimes. The bird has to endure a lot of noise.

Perhaps the bird likes it because the dog would alert it if any danger comes.  The nest is more than 6 feet above the ground, so I can't see it when I am outside on the ground level. Once I come inside, because the house is elevated, I am able to see it at the eye level from the window. This is perfect. The bird doesn't get startled when I watch it from inside.

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