Friday, March 6, 2015

iGotTech #1 Best Screen

iGotTech #1 Best Screen

Ever since we moved into our new home, I have been thinking of installing a screen door for the backdoor so that on warm summer days and evenings I can leave the door open. However, my budget is extremely tight after getting the new place. I started thinking about how I could make a screen that just hangs over the door. It suddenly occurred to me that perhaps there already is such a product on the market. I Googled for "portable screen door" and sure enough there are several similar products on the market already and some are very affordable. Next step was for me to compare these mass manufactured mesh screens.  At first I looked at Magic Mesh Instant Magnetic Screen Door which is a As Seen on TV product.  It has mixed reviews, and its main complain seems to be the stress on the top Velcro strip that hangs the screen to the door. While I know there isn't much human traffic here, Cracus just loves to run in and out of the house. He is another reason I wanted to get a screen door. I am tired of opening and closing the door for him.  If he knows I am home, and he's outside, he would go nuts at the door until I let him in. On the other hand, if he thinks I have left the house, he would just stay put until I get home. I don't want to buy a cheap item and only to find it coming off in a few weeks, so I also looked at Bug Off Instant Screen Door, which has a retractable bar on top to hold the screen up. It looks pretty good and gets very good reviews. I was just about to get it, I saw iGotTech #1 Best Screen, which is cheaper than Bug Off but a little more than Magic Mesh. iGotTech is very similar to Magic Mesh except it comes with a lot more Velcro that covers entire frame and has highest quality, durable mesh.  It also offers a guarantee.  At the last minute, I canceled my Bug Off order and changed it to iGotTech screen.

Putting up the screen in the morning

It only took seconds for both Cracus and Kelsey to figure out that they can walk through the screen. Cracus just runs in and out of the house with all his hair flying. I also discovered that there is some metal components in the door. When the screen mesh flips up too high, the magnetic part could get stuck on the door. Solution?  Open the door half way. By opening the door half way, Cracus would just run through the piece that's further from the door and leave the other piece almost untouched.

Problem #2 is that I knew Cracus would just destroy the screen if I leave it hanging all day while I am at work. I would have to either take it down entirely or hang it up somehow so he can't reach it. I figured out a way to only stick the top panel of the screen half way on the Velcro strip. Before I left the house for the day, I lifted up the mesh panels and stick the sides to the unused Velcro strip on the top as shown in the above photo. My only concern was that if the backing of the Velcro stripe wasn't sticky enough, the whole thing could fall off. It would then be destroyed by Cracus.  However, I thought it was unlikely since a lot of the weight was still distributed on either side.

I got home today after more than 8 hours at work and was relieved to see the screen held up.  This is going to be awesome.

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