Saturday, June 28, 2014

Veggie Patch on Central and Lexington

I enjoy walking around my neighborhood with Kelsey. This morning as I walked pass Central and Lexington, I noticed this little vegetable patch right on the side walk. Despite of its small size, it has a combination of vegetables growing in it, and everything is as big as it can possibly get. I recognized my favorite eggplants in the middle immediately. There are also green onions, chili peppers, shungiku (garland chrysanthemum), Swiss chard, etc. 

I was just amazed at how many different edible plants could fit in that little patch of soil. You can make a good meal out of these vegetables. This patch is located just a block from El Cerrito Plaza BART station, so I think the local deer don't travel to this area; otherwise, I am sure these vegetables would be consumed by deer already.

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