Saturday, June 14, 2014

Miller Knox Regional Shoreline

Going straight up the hill from Old Country Trail

I went to Crockett Hills Regional Park again last weekend. Although it was another good hike, I found 2 small ticks on Kelsey's face as I wiped her face after the hike. They weren't biting Kelsey at the time, so I was able to remove them quickly with the doggie wet wipe. On the next morning, I found another tick in my car. I guess I won't be going to Crockett Hills Regional Park until I put Kelsey on some kind of tick medication. This morning I decided to pay a second visit to Miller Knox. According to my "The Dog's Lover Companion Guide", there is a large undeveloped area to hike at Miller Knox, which I did not see last time. 

As I drove down Dornan Drive, I noticed trails on the hill side of the street (see photo above). After parking my car in one of the parking lots, I went back to the trail with Kelsey and started going up the hill. It's quite steep. Before reaching to the more leveled ground, I used my 2 front legs to help me get a better balance. I wished that I wore my hiking boots instead of my hiking shoes with worn out traction.

It didn't take long to reach top of the hill, but it was a good workout. Kelsey was visibly overheated from the sun. This would be a great place to come during the winter since much of the trails are exposed without any shade. The views are excellent from the top. We were enjoying some rare solitude moments on top of the hill. I thought I would take a short 360 degree video from top of the hill while nobody was around. Little did I know that someone always showed up before I could complete a 50 second clip. 

I made 3 attempts and couldn't even have one full minute to myself and Kelsey.  You will see in the video below that a family with children were quite noisy as they trekked down the trail (0:24).  Nevertheless, it was a good hike. I plan on going back there again in my boots and earlier during the day to avoid noisy people and children. There are quite a few trails all over the hill. The entire loop is almost 3 miles and take up to half day. Next time I will also bring some water and snack with me.

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