Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wildcat Marsh & Landfill Loop Trail

I have been thinking of Crockett Hills Regional Park ever since I was there a couple weekends ago. When I got home from work at 4 today, I thought it would be nice to revisit Crockett.  After getting on the freeway and going at 5 miles per hour speed, I thought I would got to Point Pinole instead just so I could get off the freeway and start hiking.  I got off at the right exit in Pinole and was following the signs to Point Pinole, but suddenly the signs have disappeared. Apparently it was not clearly marked at the end, and I had missed the turn somewhere.  I kept going on Richmond Parkway and ended up at Wildcat Marsh & Landfill Loop Trail.

I parked the car in the empty parking lot and started walking down the trail with Kelsey.  We passed by fields and fields of giant solar panels on one side and marsh on the other side. The trail is all flat and easy to walk.  I would have kept going and make the loop; unfortunately some of the gates were locked up at 5 p.m. I had to turn around as I reached the locked gate. I spent almost an hour just walking in the sun without another person in sight. It was nice to be in the open air and surrounded by birds and plants after a long stuffy day in the office.  Next time I will make sure I know how to get to Point Pinole.

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