Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weekday Point Pinole Hike

I was trying to find Point Pinole yesterday without success. After returning home, I looked up its location via Google Map. I thought it was off Richmond Parkway but it's actually off Giant Highway which is off Richmond Parkway.  From all the raving Yelp reviews, I just had to try it again today.  It was still a little confusing after getting off Giant Highway, but I eventually found my way to its parking lot. This is indeed an amazing park with lots of mature trees next to the shore.

I spent about an hour only to explore a small part of the park.  On the way back to the car, I crossed path with 2 nice women with their cattle dog and white poodle. They loved Kelsey and couldn't stop complimenting her. They told me that dogs are allowed to be off leash in most of the park, so I took Kelsey's leash off. They are also members of Regional Parks Foundation and highly recommended that I should look into it to support our awesome regional parks. 

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