Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend BBQ at Eckley Pier

My friend and I decided to have a picnic in a park during on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Initially I wanted to go to Crockett Hills Regional Park, but I missed my turn. We ended up at Eckley Pier of Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline. Unlike the day I came here after work on a Friday evening, the place was packed with families picnicking. There was one grill that was not occupied, so we quickly mosey over from the parking lot. As I started dumping charcoal under the grill, another family had arrived and was obviously also looking for an empty grill. The father asked whether he could share with us. We cheerfully invited them to joining in and share the bench and table with us, too. Maybe it was the strong wind next to the pier, we were having a hard time get the charcoal to start burning. They would burn for a few minutes and then the flame would go out after a few gusts of wind.  We all started to gather little twigs. My friend thought eucalyptus barks, which the park had plenty, would be helpful. She was right. We all got the charcoal going after sticking in small pieces of eucalyptus barks.

Kelsey and new friend Woody

I totally forgot to take photos of our awesome picnic food. I grilled some steaks, asparagus, and king trumpet mushrooms. We also had some salad, hummus, yogurt, dried mango, freshly picked loquats, and dark chocolate.  It was a feast!

After we ate, we packed up everything and went for a quick hike up the fire trail. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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