Sunday, May 18, 2014

Camping in Butano State Park

I haven't camped for more than 10 years even though I have always wanted to camp again. That day has come. I picked Butano State Park to get my camping feet wet again.  From all the reviews I read, it's dog and kids friendly.  Basically, it's easy to get to and has plenty of drinking water available and access to clean bathrooms.  It took me about 2 hours to drive there on Friday afternoon.

The park ranger at the check-in was nice. I was given camp site number 7, which was next to the bathroom but with enough space in between. After backing my car in, I immediately started setting up my tent. I have an Eureka TL2 tent, which I could not remember how to put it together. Thankfully there is a youtube video available, and I was able to practice before the trip. People are friendly at the camp ground. Everyone greeted each other as they passed by. My neighbor from across the trail even brought me some strawberries and blueberries as he came to introduce himself.

I was preparing for a cold evening, but I never felt really cold.  I don't know whether it was because Kelsey was in the tent with me. I always wondered whether I was allergic to dogs. Now I can say that I am definitely not. The night was very quiet after all the screaming kids went to sleep.  I didn't even hear any critter walking by.  As it got closer to the morning, I heard the toilets being flushed a few times. Due to my job, I have accustomed to getting up early.  I was up and making breakfast before 7:30.  After we ate, I took Kelsey on a hike.

I liked the park but I probably won't be going back there any time soon. It's too family friendly, and I could hear the kids screaming for hours before they finally passed out for the evening.  Shortly after breakfast, the kids were screaming again. I need to go look for camp sites that are for grown ups who camp for peace and quiet.

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