Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Stroll in Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline

I often go to Point Isabel because it's just right down the street; however, it is very crowded on weekends. I also love to explore new sights and smell, so I am constantly referring to my "The Dog Lover's Companion to the San Francisco Bay Area for new places to go on weekends. Since I just went to Point Isabel yesterday, I flipped through the book this morning for a new park to go.  Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline seems like to good one to explore. It's very close by, it's close to the water, and there's no fee for parking or dog. I grabbed my day pack, water bottle, a banana, trail mix, and some dog treats and headed over to Miller/Knox with Kelsey in the backseat.

Kelsey always knows when we are getting close to a new place. I would see her stretching her head up, sniffing, and look out of the window in curiosity and excitement. As soon as I parked the car, she was eager to get out.  Miller/Knox has a lot of picnic sites, and there were some families barbequing already.  I started walking toward the shore with Kelsey.  I always like to walk along abandoned rail tracks. They make me feel nostalgic. In addition to the tracks, there were several abandoned buildings covered with graffiti along the shore near where the pier is. A few men were fishing on the pier, which didn't require a fishing permit. 

Next to the lagoon, there were many Canadian geese including some chicks and juvenile geese.  They hurriedly moved away as they sensed Kelsey's presence. On our way back, there were a lot more families all over the picnic area. Some of them were having children's birthday parties. The smell of bbq started to make me feel really hungry. You would never see these many people grilling meat at Point Isabel because all the dogs just gather next to the food and refuse to move.

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