Saturday, May 11, 2013

42nd Annual Stanford Powwow

Hopi Hoop Dance

I went to my first powwow while I was attending UC Davis. Ever since then I have actively looked for powwows around the bay area to attend. I enjoy the costumes, the drumming, the chanting, the dancing, and fry bread a.k.a. Indian taco.

Drum Circle

Stanford Powwow is one of the biggest powwows in the area. It always takes place during Mother's Day weekend starting from Friday evening and lasts until Sunday evening. It's free to attend and everyone is welcome. Most participants of the powwow camp on the campus during the weekend. A few traditional teepees can be seen although they are usually for display only.

I personally feel that as an American, I should be familiar with indigenous peoples' traditions and culture to an extend just like I should be familiar with Mexican culture as a California. I am fortunate that the Bay Area has many culture events all year round.

This year I brought Kelsey with me. There were many other dogs at the powwow and some greeted Kelsey. Kelsey was particularly interested in the parrot. You never know what you'd encounter at a powwow. There was a wolf conservation booth that brought 2 wolves with them to educate the public. I was particularly excited to see the wolves.

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