Friday, July 27, 2012

Wildcat Canyon Hike

Since I returned to the world of full time workers, I haven't had much time to spend in open space. Yesterday I decided to hike in a park that I discovered recently, Wildcat Canyon Park. I drove pass by the park over a month ago while on my way to a birthday party. A few days ago, a dog walker at Point Isabel mentioned to me that Wildcat Canyon is also good for walking dogs. Yesterday I looked into Kelsey's eyes and promise her that I'd take her out on a real hike. This morning I arrived at Wildcat before 10 a.m.

I love reading historical facts of our regional parks. It's a little sad that most of these native wild animals are no longer here. In Alvarado Area of the park, there are many picnic sites and a children's playground. After encountering a few people walking with their dogs, one dog owner described to me various hiking trials with good views. I took one of his suggestions and went up the hill. Dogs need to be on leashes in populated area, but they don't have to once they are out in the open space as long as they listen to voice commands. As usual Kelsey walked close to me as we hiked up the hill to the top.

We were able to make a loop coming back down and return to Alvarado picnic area. I brought a jar of peach smoothie and a sandwich with me. I gave Kelsey some water and shared small bits of ham with her while I ate my lunch. It was a pretty good two-hour outing. I felt that Kelsey and I had a pretty good workout. I plan on going there again soon.

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