Monday, July 16, 2012

Kelsey's Favorite Spots


We have a few steps outside of the backdoor, which is one of Kelsey's hangout spots. However, those wooden stairs had started to fall apart after 2 decades. One of the steps would sink in as you step on it. I was wondering if it would just crumble apart as Kelsey walking up and down the stairs. A few weeks ago, I decided it was time for some home improvement. Luckily, one of my neighbors knows a carpenter who lives just a few blocks away.

Work in progress

He came over on a Sunday with one of his helpers to rebuild the stairs for me. Originally, there were 4 big steps. He changed them to 6 smaller steps including a cement step at the bottom of the stairs. It took some time for the cement to set, and Kelsey had step in it as you can see in the right corner. The carpenters came back on a second Sunday to finish up the stairs and put on a layer of primer. Of course, Kelsey got some of the white primer on her hair, too, as she's been eager to go up to one of her favorite spots.


Kelsey also likes to rest in one of the flower beds. By now, she has torn out most of the calla lilies in there so she could just lie in the dirt. As any dog owner may know, she has to scratch the dirt several times to "make her bed" before lying down. The result is the dirt and mulch would be all over the walkway. As I was wondering how I could fix that problem, Kelsey and I passed by a crib mattress a few days ago as we were doing our morning walk. Someone had left it on the street to give it away, and it had been there for several days. It is in perfect good condition, and I thought it would be great for Kelsey. It took some time for her to get used to the smooth surface of the mattress, and I have seen her sliding off from it, but she seems to like it.

Kelsey's other favorite spot

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