Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer Fruits

Cherry tree

Last July I had one cherry from the grafted part of the cherry tree. The grafted part has grown quite a bit during the past year. Currently, there are about five cherries on that part of the tree. I am so excited! I will be checking on the tree very regularly for the next few weeks and be sure to eat the cherries when they are ripe. Birds love to steal ripe shiny red cherries.

Peach tree

The peach tree is covered with baby peaches right now. It's getting heavy that I am afraid one of the biggest branches might just break off. It's already cracked at the base.  After searching through different piles of found objects on the farm, I ended up using a piece of 4x2 on top of an old garbage can to support the cracked branch.  It would surely break off if I did not hold it up with something.

The apple tree is covered with baby apples as well. Although I don't usually get to see honey bees pollinating my fruit trees, they obviously have been busy visiting all of them hence the fruits. Honey bees are growers' best friends for sure!

Apple tree

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