Thursday, May 3, 2012

From Backyard to Dinner Table

I replanted some broccoli DeCicco from some of the self-germinated seedlings. With plenty of sun, water, and good soil, they grew fast. I have been wanting a big plate of sauteed broccoli leaves for a while. Broccoli DeCicco is different from regular broccoli in the sense that they stay small, and everything is edible. Tonight I cut off a bunch of big green leaves and chop them up into smaller pieces.

I sautéed some oyster mushrooms in olive oil and then added the broccoli leaves. After everything is cooked through, I added some bean curd just because I happened to pick up some last night. Instead of adding any seasoning, I put in two table spoons of Trader Joe's green olive tapenade just because I like it, and I know it's salty enough to season the veggies. I put everything over a plate of steamed rice. That was a pretty good dinner.

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