Monday, April 23, 2012

Speed Gardening

Snow pea flower

Last week I thought that I had no snow pea flowers, but I was wrong. There are many flowers, so hopefully I will have some home grown snow peas soon. I spent just about 30 minutes in the garden planting some more seedlings, pulling some weeds, and checking on the fruit trees. Last year I worked in the garden as if I had all the time in the world, and I did. Now that I have a full time job, all I have is about 2 hours of daylight during the week. I have no time to waste when I get home from the office.

Apple blossom

Both apple and cherry trees are now covered with flowers. The peach tree has a bunch of tiny peaches already. As I passed by the strawberry cages that I made last year, I thought I would see whether the strawberry plants grew back. As I removed the cages and started pulling out the weeds, I saw something red. There was one single ripe strawberry and several flowers. I am so excited! I removed the cage so the strawberry plants have more room to grow. This year I have Kelsey, and she does chase after squirrels. Perhaps the squirrels won't be able to steal strawberries off the ground now that Kelsey is guarding the garden. We will see.

One single strawberry!

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