Monday, April 30, 2012

Framing the Plants

I woke up during the weekend and heard my neighbors' gardener working on their yards. I finally was able to get up and get out there to talk to him about doing yard maintenance for me. With my new full time job, I just can't keep up with the garden. The front garden is easy as I planted all drought and deer tolerant plants. They are tough. They can be cut back and grow back in no time. The back yard, where Sand Village Farm is, requires more attention when it comes to weeding and pruning.

I have planted various shrubs and ground covers hoping that they will reduce the amount of unwanted weeds as they establish in the garden. Most of them are covered under tall weeds. I have been pulling off the weeds to uncover some of the plants I have added. I am adding some wire fence around them, so they won't accidentally get removed by the gardener. The gardener will start when he comes back to work on my neighbors' yards in a couple of weeks. That should make my life a little easier.

Strawberry section

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