Thursday, March 15, 2012

After The Rain


We had some heavy down pour rain for the past 48 hours, it seemed. I started to wonder if it was ever going to stop. Everything outside is completely drenched. When the rain first started, I went outside to rearranged some of the plants. I wanted to make sure most of them got as much rain water as possible while save some from drowning in the rain. Kelsey was excited to see me going out to the garden and wanted to follow me everywhere. She turned into a pathetic looking wet dog within seconds.

Finally we are now having a break from the heavy rain. It suppose to return shortly, so I went out to check on the plants. I found a couple asparagus shoots that weren't there before the rain. The snow peas seem to be a lot taller than before. The pumpkin seedlings are a lot bigger than 2 days ago. 

Pumpkin seedlings

I just separated some mizuna seedlings a few days ago when it was super sunny. They all seem to be doing quite well. I am waiting for them to get about 3 times as big before planting them in one of the vegetable beds. I am excited at the idea that I may have fresh salad greens to pick. I was not a salad enthusiast as I had always preferred to eat cooked and hot food except sushi. Late last year I really got into salads, thanks to Trader Joe's awesome salad selection. After buying Trader Joe's boxed salads for a few weeks, I decided it would be more economical and environmental friendly to buy the ingredients separately and make my own salad mixes. You know where this is going - I am now trying to grow my own salad greens. Knowing how bug prone my leafy vegetables are, I am skeptical how well I can grow my own salad greens, but I shall try!

Mizuna (water greens)

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