Monday, January 9, 2012

Potatoes and Garlic

Potatoes are sprouting

Potatoes and garlic are cheap to buy. I have wondered whether it was worth my efforts to grow them. Now, three years into growing my own food, I decided it is always nice to have potatoes and garlic right in the backyard. Both are super easy to grow, and they will regenerate themselves year after year. I don't have to drive down the grocery store for potatoes or garlic, which saves time and gas and better for the planet.

After I cleared out the patches, I decided to pick out the potatoes so I can add compost to the soil. If I left the potatoes in there, I would puncture them as I turn and loosen up the soil. I have both red and purple potatoes. They are great as country fries for breakfast and/or brunch.

cluster of sprouting garlic cloves

Garlic cloves are all sprouting, so I need to separate them for each one to grow into a big bulb. Now I realized that I'll never run out of garlic as long as I keep propagating them. Garlic is perfect with potatoes.  How about some garlic fries or garlicky mashed potatoes or roasted garlic and potatoes? Are you hungry yet?

I love being able to step out of my backdoor to pick my meals.

Garlic cloves are separated for replanting

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