Monday, January 16, 2012

Freeze Warning Tonight

You know that I have been worried about the survival of my passion fruit during the winter. Although it's always sunny during the day, it's been really cold at night. However, I haven't seen frost so far in the morning. I covered the passion fruit a few times with plastic sheets and bags during the night but haven't done that lately. Now we got freeze warning for tonight, so I put on my headlamp and went outside to cover up every single inch of the passion fruit vines.

Last passion fruit from last year

Before I started covering up the vines, I picked the last passion fruit from last summer. We really didn't have much of a summer last year, and the passion fruits took about 6 months to ripen. I savored the last passion fruit slowly since I might not get more next summer. The leaves that are on the outside of the arbor are looking significantly worse than the ones inside of the arbor. They are green-yellow and some of them have crumbled up and died (see photo above).

The greener side with much new growth

The greener side that's inside of the arbor has a lot of new growth even though it's growing very slowly. If we had a normal hot summer, the arbor would have been covered up by passion fruit vines.

All covered up

I have never bothered to cover up any plants in the past. I figured if anything died, I could just grow it again. Since I spent almost 2 years nurturing the passion fruit cuttings inside of the green house, I will try my best not to let it die from the cold. I had 5 passion fruits last summer. I hope that I will have an arbor covered with passion fruits next summer so that I can share them with everyone I know.

All covered up

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