Friday, June 17, 2011

Wild Bun vs. Dusty

I had to run some errands yesterday afternoon. When I pulled into a parking lot in Pinole, the picture above is what I saw out of the windshield. "A bunny!"  I yelled out loud in the car. It's not often to see a rabbit sitting in a paved parking lot. I grabbed my camera, got out of the car, and slowly approached the rabbit. It didn't seem fearful at all as I got closer and closer.

I suspect this rabbit was once a house pet. It was either released or escaped. I was almost within an arm's distance when I took the final picture above. It then slowly hopped away to a shadier spot of the parking lot in between two trucks. Below is a picture of my pet bunny, Dusty, which people often mistaken for a kitten or puppy at first glance.

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