Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tomatoes and Passiflora

It finally felt like summer for the last two days. I spent 3 hours this morning clearing out some weeds and planting some strawberries. I checked on all of my tomato plants and finally spotted a few baby tomatoes!!! I planted all of my extra tomato seedlings that have been sitting on the propagation table for the past month. When it starts to get really hot, the tomatoes should start coming in rapidly. I hope.

The big surprise is the passion fruit flower! I got a few passion fruit cuttings more than a year ago from my friend's overgrown passion vines in Oakland.  His vines produced tons of passion fruits that year. It took months for my cuttings to start growing roots. I have much sentimental memories of eating fresh passion fruit in the tropics as a kid, so I was willing to do whatever I needed to nurse these cuttings. They stayed in the campus green house for months before I took them home and kept them in my green house. I even took them back to the school's green house when I was out of town.  Last November I decided they were big enough to be transplanted outside next to the new arbor. They grew very slowly in the cool temperature of El Cerrito. For a while they didn't seem to be getting any bigger at all. This morning I was shocked to see this one flower in full bloom (pictured below). There are several more flower buds.

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