Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rain in June

It rained this morning. It rained so hard and loud that I had to look out of the window to make sure it was just the rain. However, the sun is out now at 2 P.M. I went out to check on the plants and see what I could pick for lunch.

All the tomatoes I planted are looking quite pathetic because of the unusual cool and wet weather except this one in the 5-gallon pot (pictured above). I planted a few in pots hoping to keep them alive during the winter months. This one is bigger and has more flowers than all the others even though I leave it outside just like the others. Perhaps it's the soil I put in the pot? I got it from my compost tumbler, the one without worms.

It looks like red white daikons and sweet peas are the fresh produce for today. I planted these daikons in March, and they are ready to become salad. I diced up the daikons and added them to my mayo-free tuna salad along with the peas. I don't have any tomatoes today.

The string beans I planted along the arbor a couple weeks ago are looking good. I hope they start growing fast. I am tired of peas and miss fresh green beans! This happens every year.

Green beans

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