Friday, February 11, 2011

The Urban Farmer Store

Back in November when Backyard Food Gardens built a propagation table for me, the hat sprays he had were for 360-degree directions. Half of the water was spraying on the fence next to the table. Josh of Backyard Food Gardens told me that I could get a couple of those hat sprays at quarter jet (90 degrees) from The Urban Farmer Store. The Urban Farmer Store is conveniently located all the way down the street from Sand Village Farm right next to American Soil and Stone, where I visit periodically for some of my supplies. Of course, I never noticed until Josh pointed it out to me.

The Urban Farmer Store has everything you need to set up irrigation systems, ponds and fountains, rainwater storage, and outdoor lighting. They also have many gardening tools. If I had money to blow, I could go crazy in there. They also have workshops teaching people how to do it yourself!

California is known for its long drought years, and this winter we had only 2 weeks of rain. As a grower, I try to conserve water whenever possible, and there's a lot more I can do. I will start looking for some rainwater barrels for next rain season.  The Hat Jets are 74 cents a piece plus tax. They shall save me some water.

Maxi Jet Hat spray. The Hat Spray Jets come in full (360),  half (180), and quarter (90) variations.

The Jet Hats go on top of the spray tubes attached to the posts on the back

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