Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Planting Oregano

The winter and rain have both returned to the Bay Area this week. In fact, it's going to rain the entire week! The thermometer shows 58 degrees right now, but it feels a lot colder. Last night I put on some gloves under the blanket before falling to sleep. The rain is good for all of my plants, but I hope they don't die from the cold.

This morning before it started raining again, I went out there to check on everyone. I got some oregano clippings from the herb garden on Sunday, so I added them to my herb pot. Herbs are usually very easy to grow. I have stuck some leftover fresh herbs from super market, and they just started growing and flourish. I had friends giving me some clippings from from their yards, and they all now live in my herb pot.

The only one that didn't survive from last year was sweet basil. They all died off from frost. I will try to grow some again this year and keep some in a small pot so I can bring it inside on cold nights.

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