Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oops, I am in Business!

From time to time, people ask me whether I have plants or mushrooms for sale. I often have extra vegetable seedlings since I always plant more just in case. Over the years I have given away many seedlings and seeds of tomatoes, onions, radishes, sweet basil, snow peas, etc. to anyone who was interested as my way of promoting "grow your own."

Lately people have been asking about candy caps, the amazing dessert mushroom that smells like maple syrup. Just by chance, I happened to have picked a large amount of candy caps and replenished my reserve to experiment for the rest of the year.

Candy caps in their natural environment

I love going out to pick wild mushrooms. If I don't find anything, it's a nice hike in the woods. Anything I find is just icing on the cake. If I come upon a field of good edible mushrooms, it's like finding a field of hidden treasure. It turns me back to a kid in an instant!

I agreed to sell some of my candy caps for the first time. I packed up some dried candy caps in zip lock bags, weighed them, packaged them and shipped them out to my customers. This sounds like such a cliché, but I truly handle everyone of my mushrooms with joy and care. I am happy that they are going to people who really wanted them.

Last night I noticed people are searching for broccoli Deccio seeds and seedlings. I should go pack up some of those seeds and get some seedlings to grow. Broccoli Deccio is so delicious and not particularly hard to grow. I don't know why they are not common around here.

Set the temperature no higher than 140 F. I set mine at 135 degrees.

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