Saturday, January 15, 2011


Brother and Sister in-law came over for a new year's visit. They just came back from Disney World and brought me a bunch of gifts and took me out for lunch. As a tradition, we had Asian hot pot together. I was the first one to give up on eating as usual.

After we got back to the farm, I showed them the Shiitake mushrooms and Daikon radishes. I pulled 3 radishes and a couple onions for them to take home.

I spent the rest of afternoon cutting back a bunch of dead basil and tomato. That was when I noticed this little green cocoon on the tomato cage. I almost knocked it off as an instinct then I suddenly noticed how perfectly shaped it is. It's got two rows of little spikes on its back and two strands of silk holding it to the wire tomato cage. It has 3 pointy parts on the top. How does a caterpillar know to make that pattern?

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