Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Glimpse Into An Urban Bee Colony

While slaving in the cubicle world, my friend Rosa popped in and told me to take a break and walk around the neighborhood. I jumped up and ran out of the door with her. Seeing the sky is a treat when you work in the cubicle world. We walked across the street and passed by one of our favorite houses in the area. Its front yard has an assortment of interesting drought tolerant plants of various sizes. They are all strategically placed and visually stimulating. There is a sign between the plants with contact information of Vee Horticulture.

One of the agave plants is about to flower. It's not common to see an agave in someone's front yard with a stem in the middle that's taller than the house. According to Wikipedia, agave only flowers once. After it's flowered and developed of fruit, the original plant dies. I will go back to the garden to see the flowers and fruit of the agave.

Next to the agave house there is a wooden fence. Rosa eagerly told me to look into the holes on the fence. Bee boxes!!!! I could see the bees busy coming in and out through the openings of the boxes.

As a breeze blew my direction, I could smell the sweet scent of pure raw honey. Wow, that is a honey heaven behind this fence. I took several deep breaths to inhale that sweet smell of pure honey. We stood there peeking into the fence with envy. Rosa started telling me that she learned about beekeeping in school when she lived in Mexico. I have learned some basics from Master Ken's Beneficial Beasts in the Garden course, but I have yet handled bees. I am excited to know that there are more and more urban beekeepers in the area. There is also a beekeepers association in San Francisco that I would like to become involved to learn more about beekeeping.

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