Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seven Sundays in a Row

These vegetable seedlings will be for sale at Merritt College Fall Plant Sale on Oct 2nd and 3rd

For the last 8 months I have devoted almost every Sunday to Master Ken's classes.  In Spring, it was Beneficial Beasts in the Garden and Landscape. In Summer, it was Growing and Using Healthful Herbs. Now in Fall, it is Mushroom Cultivation. In many ways, the 3 classes overlap each other because they are all a part of nature. I look forward to my Sunday class every week.

Oyster mushrooms growing out of a burlap bag
During the second class meeting of Mushroom Cultivation, various methods of cultivation mushrooms are introduced. Even though I haven't been able to successfully cultivate mushrooms on my farm with these methods, I know they work. The mushrooms will grow under the perfect environment. I just haven't been able to create that perfect environment for them.

another burlap bag inside of a plastic bag growing oyster mushrooms
We have a large class this fall. As one of the few intermediate students, I try to provide food items, take photographs, and help beginning students. After the new students had a chance to look at the burlap bags of oyster mushrooms, Chef Pauly and I harvested them. They were sautéed with chives and lemon basils and served to the class.

We have a potluck every Sunday during the class. It is a day to socialize, taste different foods and be outdoors with nature. One of my wishes is to have seven Sundays in a row.

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