Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flowers that Make Me Very Happy

Eggplant flower

A couple month ago I introduced some of the flowers on the farm that just keep popping up by themselves. There are other flowers on the farm that make me really excited to see. Eggplant flower is one of them because usually fruits come after the flowers. Growing eggplants have been a challenge for me, so seeing the flowers make me feel very happy.

Garlic chive flowers a.k.a. Chinese chive  

I also noticed some garlic chives in one of my onion and potato patches recently. I was surprised because I planted 10 garlic chive seedlings earlier this year and they all died off, so I thought. Everyone told me how easy it is to grow garlic chives and how they would take over your yard so they should only be planted in a pot. I was quite disappointed when they all died off. Now I suddenly see them popping up again and flowering! That makes me really happy.

Chive flower

This purple chive flower makes me very happy because I saved the pot of chives from being killed by nasty black aphids. Back in July it was covered with aphids, and I almost gave up on it. I was visiting my friend, Annie's urban farm, and she gave me a recipe for non-chemical homemade aphids repellent. I made it that night and sprayed the chives just once and the aphids disappeared. Now the chives are thriving again and blooming!

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