Saturday, August 7, 2010

MSSF Table at Summer Gardening Fair

Lisa, David, and Norm (left to right behind the table) of Mycological Society

I left the farm today to spend some time with MSSF (Mycological Society of San Francisco) at Summer Gardening Fair next to San Francisco Botanical Garden. I have been a member of MSSF for the last 5 years.  It all started with a visit to its annual Fungus Fair 5 years ago.  Over the years, I have volunteered in a few events to talk to the public about the society and mushrooms.

Unlike the fungus fair, which is held in December during mushroom season, we didn't have a display of fresh wild mushrooms today.  We used several colorful posters and some dried mushrooms.  What made up for lack mushrooms was Lisa's Kombucha tea tasting.  I tried Kombucha tea for the very first time earlier this year from Lisa's brew.  I thought it was good, so I bought a bottle of commercial Kombucha tea from a store, and it was horrible!    I learned that not all Kombucha tea is created equally.

I have tried a few other people's home brew, but Lisa's Kombucha remains number one on my list. It's not likely I'll be making my own Kombucha tea anytime soon but I will definitely buy from Lisa when she launches her Kombucha line. Look at the flavors she has - Gingery Aid, Strawberry Bliss, Key Lime Pie, and Orange Julius. She had a few other developmental flavors for us to try, and they were amazingly good.

Lisa gave us a few bottles (full soda size bottles!) of sample when the fair ended at 3 PM.  I got one Ginger Aid and one Orange Julius. Instead of drinking coffee,  I am going to be sipping on Lisa's Kombucha tea all day tomorrow in Master Ken's class.  Can't wait! 

Master Ken (center w/beard) gives Lisa some feedback on Kombucha flavors while Lisa's husband, Joe, explains to people about Kombucha.

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  1. Hi Lina:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful compliments!! My husband Joe and I had such a great time Saturday with all the positive feedback!!

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    I'm also going to be setting up a Facebook or a Twitter account, maybe both. Does anybody have an opinion?

    This is going to be quite an adventure!!!!

    Thanks again for your encouraging words,

    Lisa Leonard