Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mandarin Oranges

Most of the Mandarin Oranges are way up on top of the tree

Similar to most fruit, Mandarin Oranges like the sun.  On top of the tree is where it gets most exposure to the sun; hence, picking the oranges requires a ladder.  If your source of cute little Mandarin Oranges is Trader Joe's (Cuties!) or other stores, you probably don't know that picking these cute little oranges can be quite dangerous.  The tree is full of sharp spikes that can easily draw blood or poke your eye out. I always make sure I have a jacket or thick long sleeve shirt on before attempting to pick the oranges.

These thorns can draw blood easily

After standing on the wobbly ladder as I tried to reach as far as I could to pick the oranges, I got 7 cuties. Just like the tomatoes, these oranges are taking months to ripen due to lack heat and sun.

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