Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Late Summer, Late Tomatoes

Early Girls, Husky Cherry (the tiniest tomato), Yellow Grapes, and Green Beans

I planted 5 varieties of tomatoes on March 29, 2010.  They were Early Girl, Roma, Yellow Grape, Yellow Cherry, and Red Husky Cherry.   It's now August, and the Early Girls are just started to turn red. They are quite sweet, but did they take forever to grow!   Last year at this time, I had a huge yellow cherry tomato bush covered with orange little tomatoes.  They were so ripe that they turned orange!  I had so many little orange tomatoes, I was giving them away.

Early Girl

This year, I am just now started picking Early Girl tomatoes on a daily basis, but the plants are already drying up.  I have picked 2-4 Yellow Grape, Yellow Cherry, and Red Husky.   I have yet to pick any Roma tomatoes.  Last year I was able to make some tomato sauce with home grown tomatoes.  I hope that I'll have enough tomatoes to make it again.

Red Husky Cherry

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