Monday, August 23, 2010

Heat Wave Evacuation

7:33 PM and it's still over 80 degrees in the sun room

Minutes after I left the farm this morning, I knew that I had to go back. The sun was out. It was barely 9 AM and already 69 degrees. Surely when I got to the office, I saw a heat wave alert on The temperature was going to reach 90 degrees, which meant it would be about 100 degrees in the sun room, where Dusty stays most of the time. It is also where I keep my seedlings.

Dusty escaped being roasted

I drove back to the farm around noon, and it felt like a sauna in the sun room. Dusty was hiding inside of his Fuji Apple box. I took him outside to his cage, fill the water bottle, and brought him a piece of apple and wood block. I also moved the 2 trays of plants out of there. 3 years ago, my tomato seedlings burnt to a crisp during one of these heat waves. I can't let that happen to my passion fruit vines that took me more than 6 months to root.

I got home after 7 PM, and it was still over 80 degrees in the sun room. I watered all the vegetable beds and the Japanese maple trees in the front. Tomorrow morning, I'll be sure to put Dusty outside in his shady cage.

All live plants were evacuated from the scorching sun room

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