Friday, August 27, 2010


One last night

Last night I cleared up all the potted plants under the trellis and cut back other plants growing around it. It is now free and clear to go. I wanted to rebuild this beat up trellis for many years, but I realized that I couldn't do it myself. There are simply too many memories around it. There were plenty of smiley family portraits taken around it when it used to be covered with purple Bougainvillea flowers.

After Neal arrived this morning, I went to work in the front garden because I didn't have the heart to watch it coming down. Silly, isn't it? You can imagine that there are all sorts of knickknacks all over the farm because I can't throw them away. Neal noticed the microwave oven sitting in the sun room. He told me that's the oldest microwave he's ever seen! It is over 30 years old but still works well. I continue using the ancient microwave even though there are 3 modern microwaves stacked up in the garage. I am going to be really sad the day it stops working.


Later during the day, Joseph came by to dig up the rest of the juniper bush. Just like the trellis, the juniper had been on the property since my family moved in almost 30 years ago. It was difficult to chop it off both physically and mentally for me. I had many flash backs of carefree childhood days while I was cutting it away.

7 feet tall juniper bush that took me 4 days after work to cut it off

at this point I couldn't go any further

Now that it is all cleared up, I plan on planting another fruit tree in there.

with Joseph's help, it is now gone completely

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