Monday, August 2, 2010

Dusty Behavior

Similar to a parent who loves talking about his/her child, I love talking about cute things Dusty does. Unless you own an indoor bunny, you are probably not familiar with their behaviors. And even if you have owned a bunny, one bunny can be very different from another. Dusty certainly behaves differently from the other bunnies I had.

I noticed that one of the things he likes to do in the early morning is to sit on top of his box. So far I have only spotted him on the box in the morning but not in the afternoon or evening. He usually hops off when he hears me. He also likes to chew, push, and dig his rugs. I keep 2 pieces of rugs in his room so he can have his ways with them. Of course, he likes to scratch behind his ears and chew on his feet just like a cat or dog would.

Dusty is so fuzzy that most photos of him seem to be out of focus! He might not show much expression on that hairy face, but something is going on in his little fuzzy head. He certainly knows to run up to me when I extend my arm out with a treat between my fingers. He even takes treats from my fingers without ever biting my hand by accident. Similar to a dog, he normally tries to pull the treat off my hand and hops over to a different location to enjoy his treat in private.

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