Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Eggplants!

I love eggplants, and I am a little obsessed with eggplant dishes. It can be cooked in any form and ethnicity, and it's all excellent! Whenever I am in a restaurant and can't decide what to get, I'll just pick the eggplant dish - eggplant parmesan, Baghara Baigan (Indian), Pud Makua Yow (Thai), eggplant tempura, eggplant in garlic sauce (Chinese), eggplant hummus, etc.

Every year I try to grow eggplant. Sometimes I try to grow from seeds, other times I get 4-inch plants from local nurseries. So far I have very little success with them. Sometimes they die off completely. Sometimes, I get one or two tiny eggplants. I never got enough to actually make a dish with them. I planted 8 4-inch eggplants back in mid-April. Pill bugs love eating their leaves. For a while I thought none of them survived. I was surprised to see them bloom over a month ago. I was happy just to see the purple flowers. A couple days ago, I was delighted to see these little eggplants growing under those tattered leaves.

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