Friday, July 9, 2010

New Accessories

Master Ken talked about tools the other day in the class. He showed us all the gadgets he carries on him at all times. I was particularly interested in the little folding saw he had. The longer I have been learning from Master Ken, the more I feel the need to carry my shears with me at all times. Okay, perhaps not when I am sitting in the cubicle. Last night when I walked down the street, I noticed that one of my neighbors has passion fruit vines in their front yard! I only noticed them now because I learned from Master Ken's class what passion fruit vines look like. I ran home to get my shears so I could get some cuttings.

Master Ken highly recommended Hida Tool & Hardware in Berkeley for high quality garden tools and urban farmer accessories like his mini folding saw. I have seen the shop for years as I drive up and down San Pablo Avenue but never checked it out. I stopped by the shop today. As I was paying for my new accessories, I casually mentioned that Master Ken at Merritt College recommended the shop. I got my 10% Merritt College discount!

As soon as you step in the small shop, you will see hand saws of various sizes on the left wall. As I was trying to figure out which one Master Ken carries around with him, a friendly gray kitty greeted me. I had to pet him a bit. At first I picked a bigger saw. Later on I spotted more smaller folding saws on the right side of the entrance. I got one with a 5-inch blade. It comes with a clear carrying case that can be worn on a belt. It's a Silky Pocket Boy with medium teeth.

I initially got a pruner holder but had to return it because none of my shears would fit in there. Perhaps I will have to make my own tool belt at some point. This Pocket Boy saw will come in handy when I go mushroom hunting, too.

I also got a serrated knife made for removing weeds from small cracks or corners. This one was recommended by the shop keeper. I tried it out, and it seems to work better on certain weeds. Perhaps I just need to figure out the best way to hold the blade. You know how stubborn weeds can be.

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