Thursday, July 1, 2010

Got Loquats!

I didn't think I had any loquat fruit this year. I check my fruit trees often and didn't see any flowers on the tree. My loquat tree never produced much fruit, but for the last few years, it had a few each summer. I have seen loquat trees in the neighborhood with yellow fruit covering the entire trees. I am envious!

As I was doing my daily inspection on the peaches today, I noticed a loquat seed on top of one of the worm bins. You know what that means. Some bird or squirrel had loquat fruit from the tree! I immediately started searching for the yellow fruit, and there they were.

They were hidden inside of the tree and all the way on the top. I had to grab my second ladder as one ladder is already being used to support a heavy branch of the peach tree.

The loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) is a fruit tree in the family Rosaceae, indigenous to southeastern China. It was formerly thought to be closely related to the genus Mespilus, and is still sometimes known as the Japanese medlar.

The loquat on the farm was grown from a seed that my mother and brother smuggled out of Portugal. They had some big juicy loquat fruit during their vacation in Portugal many years ago. It took over 10 years for the tree to get this big, and it just started bearing fruit about 3 years ago.

Under this tree is the only shady spot on the farm, so naturally that's where the worm compost bins stay. I wouldn't have seen the seed if the compost bin wasn't there.

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