Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wine Barrel Planters

I just had 5 half wine barrels delivered to the farm. Aren’t they beautiful? You should smell them! I don’t even like the smell of wine or alcohol, but I love the smell of authentic wine barrels. These barrels retired from a local winery recently, but they will now continue on as planters to create more life and food.

Wine barrel planters are new to me. 3 months ago was the first time I was solicited with them. I didn’t know why this guy was trying to sell my permaculture class wine barrels. Later on I saw these half barrels at John’s farm, I then realized what they were for. I got a couple of them to try and wanted to get more. I later on told the guy that he needed to explain what the barrels are for so newbies like me would understand.

I have seen places like OSH and Home Depot selling wine barrel planters. Don’t be fooled by the imitation barrel planters in the stores. They are cheaply made to look like wine barrels, and the stores want to charge you more for them. The real wine barrels are made of oak and quite heavy. You can see the fine workmanship in these oak barrels. A good place to look for them is under “farm+garden”. They range anywhere from $25 to $50 each. Some people will deliver to you at no extra charge depending on your location. Make sure that the bottoms of the half-barrels have holes for drainage if you are using them as planters. Some sellers will drill the holes for you at no extra charge or you can do it yourself with a drill.

This year I am growing green beans in a half-barrel. The beans are doing great! I will be using these newly acquired barrels for bamboos, herbs, and melons. I’ll be working on the farm this weekend. Can’t wait!

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