Thursday, June 10, 2010

Harvesting Seeds

It rained again two nights ago. Rain in June!??? I don't remember last time it rained in June around here. We grow drought tolerant plants around here because it hardly ever rained. I have been waiting for the last snow peas to dry out so I can harvest them as seeds for next year. The pea pods are now covered in mold. They look nasty. I decided to cut off some pea pods tonight just to see how they look inside.

Most of them look okay once out of the pods. Some of them have completely dried, while the big green ones need to dry out a lot more. I will leave them in the sun room for a few days. As long as we get some sun, they should dry up nicely. Last year I only harvested a few snow pea seeds, and I don't remember if they grew earlier this year. I used some older seeds that I purchased a couple years ago, the few I harvested, and a couple 6-pack seedlings from some nursery. I had snow peas every day for the last 3 months until I didn't want to eat them anymore.

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