Saturday, June 26, 2010

Getting Supplies for the Farm

I try getting supplies off or whenever possible. As Master Ken always says, "Low overhead, high return." However; sometimes you really need to get something quick, and nobody is giving that something away for free. Last year I "discovered" American Soil and Stone, which happens to be down the street from the farm. I don't know why I never knew about this place before. It turned out that just about everyone I knew who work on their gardens get their supplies from American Soil and Stone. They have all kinds of soils & blends, soil amendments, barks & mulches, gravel/crushed rock, sand, and landscape supplies. The prices are much better than any chain store. I just picked up their most updated price list this morning, which doesn't seem to be available on their website.

If you are getting bagged items, such as bagged soil or mulches, you go to the office to pay for them first. You will get a receipt for your items. Follow the signs and drive your car around to the pick up area and hand over your receipt to one of the vested staff members. They will put those heavy bags right into your car for you. It's so much easier than going to places like Home Depot or OSH, where sometimes you can't get anyone to help you.

The facility is huge with rocks as far as your eyes can see. This place is my favorite supply store for my farm.

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