Friday, June 25, 2010


I don't usually plant flowers because I consider them none producers and high maintenance. I have a small flower bed in the herb garden near the front door, and I picked all drought tolerant flowers. The rest of the flowers just pop out on their own. I can't get rid of them even if I want to. Some of the regular flowers I have are calla lilies. They are mostly white but I noticed this light pink one just popped out next to the back door all alone.

I also have plenty of nasturtium plants. They grow like weeds. I didn't know the flowers are edible until I saw them in salad mixes at some farmers' market. Still, I have never tasted it. I suppose if I was left with nothing to eat, I'd give it a try.

Then there's California poppy, our state flower. They pop out everywhere and each flower produces a seed pod. When the pod is completely dry, it pops open and hundreds of tiny black seeds just fly all over the place. As a result, they start growing out from cracks on the drive way, cracks between bricks, and cracks on the patio. If you want some California poppy seeds for cooking or whatever, let me know. I can give you some seed pods. Feel free to take them from the front garden.

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