Monday, June 14, 2010

Dusty, our resident beneficial beast

Our resident bunny, Dusty, is a fluffy hair ball. He is a lionhead, one of the newest breeds of domestic bunnies. Dusty was under socialized before I picked him up on Mother's Day in May 2004. He usually hops away to hide in his plastic recycling bin when someone approaches. He does that with me, too, so don't feel bad when he runs away from you. He might come up to you if you have a piece of apple or raisin, but you must be patient. You have to wait for him to go up to you instead of running after him.

Dusty has quite a cushy life as a bunny. He stays inside of the sun room (a.k.a greenhouse #2) most of the time. He gets brushed and manicured every once in a while. He gets to lay around in the yard in a safe enclosed area sometimes. His litter box gets cleaned out regularly. Of course he gets fed everyday. I wouldn't mind having a life like Dusty's.

He contributes to Sand Village Farm by providing high quality fertilizer. The content of his litter box always goes to the compost bin. The compost goes to all the fruit trees and vegetables.

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